14 Symptoms Of High Blood Sugar And Which Foods Reduce It

Do you know that a simple blood test can tell you a lot about you overall health? Well, it sure can! The values of this test are more than important, as the health of you cardiovascular system is essential for you general condition.

How much do you know about your body? If you can’t tell much, make sure you learn how to read its symptoms and recognize any problem. Your body will always find a way to say if you’re doing something wrong.

Remember, prevention is the best cure for every disease. That’s why you should treat ailments in their initial phase before it’s too late.

When was the last time you checked your blood sugar levels? Have you ever head of hyperglycemia?

Hyperglycemia is another word for “high blood sugar.” It may seem harmless to you, but if left untreated for too long, hyperglycemia can cause serious health problems.

This condition causes damages on your blood vessels, thus increasing the risk of heart disease, stroke, kidney malfunction, vision issues, and nerve issues. Recognizing the condition is of utmost important. You have to be aware of everything that happens in your body in order to receive proper treatment.

Symptoms of hyperglycemia

First, you have to know that sufferers don’t have all the symptoms at once. The condition causes different symptoms in everyone, and most sufferers only have a few of them. We give you a list of symptoms that may occur in cases of high blood sugar:

  1. Constant thirst
  2. Nerve issues
  3. Unexplained hunger
  4. Fatigue
  5. Sudden weight loss
  6. Stomach discomfort, constipation, diarrhea, etc.
  7. Slow healing of cuts and wounds
  8. Frequent urination
  9. Concentration issues
  10. Weight gain (abdominal area)
  11. Vission issues/Blurry vision
  12. Dry skin, itchiness
  13. Recurring infections
  14. Dry mouth

Lower your blood sugar

Lowering your blood sugar level will make you feel and look better and comfortable. Keep your health at an optimal level, especially if you’re dealing with diabetes or heat issues. Consult your doctor regularly, and do your checkups to keep you blood sugar under control.

You should also remember that being diagnosed with hyperglycemia means that you should take urgent action. Don’t wait for your next appointment with your doctor. Putting your blood sugar under control will also help you reduce the risk of developing serious health problems, including diabetes type 2.

Millions of people worldwide struggle with high blood sugar. Scientists have dedicated their efforts to find a solution to this condition, and hyperglycemia is one of the most commonly researched health issues.

Do you know that food can help you lower your blood sugar? Foods like greens and veggies in general have a huge impact on blood sugar levels. Unlike their healthy friends, some foods can make everything worse. Here we’d add popcorn, white bread, glazed donuts, etc.

Check the following list of foods that are good for your well-being. It’s interesting to note that these will also regulate your blood sugar.

  1. Skim milk
  2. Exekiel bread (buy it in frozen sections of grocery stores)
  3. Legumes (chickpeas, lentils, etc.)
  4. Sesame and flax seeds
  5. Peanuts
  6. Vegetables (asparagus, cauliflower, leafy greens, etc.)
  7. Sweet potatoes
  8. Quinoa
  9. Farrow
  10. Low-fat yoghurt

Now, let’s go through the products that elevate blood sugar levels. Yes, we know, some of these are your favorite. But, you’ll survive, it’s a promise.

  1. Soda
  2. Cookies
  3. Cake, sugary desserts
  4. White potatoes
  5. Flour
  6. Refined sugar and its substitutes
  7. Crackers
  8. Sugary and rice-based breakfast cereal
  9. Some fruits (grapes, bananas, watermelon, etc.)
  10. Raisins

Final words

Take care of your body. Keep your blood sugar level in the normal range, and that will pretty much save you from all the deadly diseases of modern times. Stick to a healthy diet plan, and indulge in healthy meals.

You don’t want to develop diabetes, right? Work on your life choices, and wait for a miracle to happen, because it will!

Source: Health And Healthy Living