A Part Of The Useful Medicines On The Planet: This Amazing Little Weed!

Plantain is a persistent weed that probably grows in your background. Until now, you may have not paying attention to this weed. Well, it’s time to change that since today you’re about to find out the incredible powers that this weed offers.

For many years, plantain has been used to eliminate acne, treat painful arthritis, and relieve menstrual cycle. But, this is not all! Plantain has a long list of health benefits, so today we reveal 5 of the best uses of this amazing weed.

5 Health Benefits of Plantain

  1. When you apply it topically, it heals wounds.

It acts as an astringent and can help you treat bug bites and wounds.  You should take a plantain leaf and crush it or chew it. Use it to eliminate poison from your skin or to prevent scars and infections.

  1. It helps you have a healthy digestion.

Plantain is the best cure for people having digestion problems due to food allergies, toxins, antibiotics, or herbicides applied to GMO crops. A great number of people claim that plantain seeds and leaves are beneficial for gut lining damage and reducing inflammation. Its seeds clean the digestive tract.

To get an extract that you can use as a gut healer, just steep plantain leaves. It provides similar effects like Psyllium husk because it absorbs toxins and helps you have a firmer stool.

  1. Plantain can be used against respiratory problems and congestion.

Plantain contains mineral silica, so it acts as a powerful expectorant. It helps you get rid of the mucus and congestion. Also, it effectively treats cold, cough and various respiratory problems.

  1. Plantain against hemorrhoids!

As we said, plantain offers strong astringent properties that are helpful for people having hemorrhoids. Plantain ointment or lotion can be applied on the hemorrhoids, or to treat cystitis and bleeding. Also, you can use it to treat various skin ulcerations.

  1. Plantain against numerous different diseases, especially blood diseases.

Plantain can help you in the treatment of different health issues. It is particularly beneficial for treating blood diseases, glandular diseases, injuries, diarrheal conditions, female disorders, mercury poisoning, skin problems, rashes, bites, etc. You can add it to your meals or to your smoothies. It’s up to you!

Source: Alternative Health Universe