Allergies Are Present Nowadays, But Why Our Grandparents Didn’t Have Them?

Today, food allergy is one of the most common problems that affect a great number of people. The number of people affected by allergies is increasing with every year. Well, this was not the case in the past, in the time of our grandparents.

Today, we will reveal the secret why our grandparents were living healthy and allergy-free!

  1. Seasonal Real Food

In the past, people used food that was home-grown and wasn’t filled with chemicals. They had fruits and vegetables in their gardens which were additives-free!

The products found in the stores were local and they were not coming from different countries in the world. Back then, the food was richer in nutrients compared to the food today.

  1. Fad Dieting

They ate food they liked and food that is available. Today, we eat various foods just to satisfy our cravings and needs, thus consuming more calories.

A clinical study showed that when a person is on a diet, he/she is craving the foods that he/she is not supposed to eat. Pay attention to the signs your body gives you. In this way, you will find out what your body needs.

  1. Traditional Cooking

To save their time, people today buy packaged foods. In the past, people prepared food on an open fire, on a stove, or in the oven, and they used only real ingredients.

Nowadays, we use microwaves which can be really harmful to our health, because the electromagnetic reaction changes the molecular structure of our food. In the past, even the babies were given the food that was prepared: food cooked longer and later mashed.

Breast milk was one of the most commonly used foods because it is very nutritious and supplies the baby with the essential bacteria. So, back then, the children managed to fight allergies and illnesses easily.

  1. Organ Meat

To prepare broth, people ate organs and kept bones. These parts are rich in vitamins and minerals that are very nutritious. People did not use chemicals, antibiotics, dyes or chemicals to grow their products faster. With proper nutrition, all the potential allergens go away.

  1. No Thickeners, Additives, GMOs or Stabilizers

The healthy food that we have today, may be nutritious, but it still contains different things. To prolong the shelf life, they add more color and freshness. In the past, there was no GMO food. People did not use fertilizers, herbicides or pesticides, all of which can lead to food allergy.

  1. Limited Doctor Visits

In the past, whenever people dealt with some disease, they used folk remedies to treat their disease. Healing herbs, home remedies, rest, and chicken soup were some of the things they tend to use. They did not take medicines for no reason or go to the doctor.

  1. The Great Outdoors

Back then, people spent most of their time outdoors: traveling, socializing, playing and exercising. Most of them worked as agricultural workers. They did not use electronic devices.

Their organism worked the best because they were constantly exposed to sunshine and fresh air. This means that they supplied their body with vitamin D, a vitamin that is associated with allergies: people who are deficient in vitamin D are more likely to experience allergies.

Today, the use of various chemicals in the food and air are the major cause of allergic reactions.

To strengthen our immune system, we need to have a proper nutrition and be physically active.

We need to mention that the allergy rates started to increase when GMO food began to be present on the American market during the mid-1990s.

Source: Alternative Health Universe