If You Eat Celery for a Week, This Might Happen to Your Body

We can use a lot of words to describe celery, including stringy, watery, crunchy, green and even flavorless. Most of you probably hate eating celery unless it’s “drowned” in sauce or cooked beyond recognition.

But, do you actually know that celery is one of the healthiest veggies you will ever eat? Eat celery, and you will burn more calories than you consume. Regardless of the fact that you get zero calories, celery is not a favorite yet. Do you know it lowers cholesterol levels and relieves arthritis pain?

Celery also promotes weight loss, cleanses the body and lowers blood pressure. Unfortunately, it’s still unpopular and even dreaded. We’ve decided to make you change your mind, and eat celery more often.

The power of celery

It belongs to the Apiaceae family, and originates in the Mediterranean and North Africa. Today, celery grows everywhere. It’s part of every cuisine, including American, Japanese and Indian. There are historical records confirming its traditional use. The name of this veggie can be see in ancient Mediterranean documents, and King Tut’s tomb.

What makes celery good for your health?

Celery is rich in vitamins A, B, C, and K. It’s also abundant in calcium, magnesium and potassium. Phytonutrients give celery its immense power. These also repel insect and prevent damage caused by sun.

Phytonutrients have strong anti-inflammatory and antioxidant power. It may be hard for you to get used to the texture of celery, you will sure eat it as snack once you learn that it boosts immunity and intracellular condition. Phytonutrients also repair toxic damages to DNA and fight deadly cancer cells. These will also help you treat your heart disease.

The one-week wonder

Take into consideration each of the aforementioned benefits, and add them to the following list of benefits. Use celery for a week, and experience the following goodness:

  1. Weight loss

Celery contains just a few calories, and it’s high in fiber. In other words, celery curbs hunger, and you won’t have to eat too much.

  1. Enhance digestion

Fiber in celery regulates the bowel movement, and keeps your intestines healthy.

  1. Protects vision

Vitamin A in celery protects your cornea, and aids in the treatment of dry eyes.

  1. Hydration

Celery is pure water. It’s about 95% water, and regular consumption will keep you hydrated.

  1. Reduced inflammation

Eat celery if you’re dealing with cardiovascular disease, cancer, and other chronic inflammation. It reduces the risk of developing these conditions.

  1. Heart burn and acid reflux

Celery is often recommended to those dealing with these conditions, as it doesn’t contain much acid. Many people say that celery helped them feel better.

  1. Regulate cholesterol

Celery lowers cholesterol levels by 7%.

  1. Regulate blood pressure

Celery lowers blood pressure by 18%.

  1. Mosquito repellent

Celery oil extract is one of the most powerful mosquito repellents. Rub it on your skin to keep the stubborn pests away.

Celery is a healthy vegetable, and offers numerous benefits. It may not tasty, but it’s a lot healthier than your favorite potato chips. Give it a try, and you will see the first improvement within a week. You will feel and look better.

Source: Healthy Holistic Living